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A standard mold inspection includes a visual inspection, air sampling, checking for moisture via IR thermal camera and a moisture meter, a full report from both myself and from the laboratory, and if a mold issue does exist, a scope of work outlining what needs to be done to remedy the problem. The outdoor sample will always be included to establish a reference or baseline for normal mold levels in an area, that are then compared to the indoor samples.
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Do You Think There is a Mold Growing Inside Your San Diego House.

Environmental Testing & Technology, Inc. (ET&T) specializes in mold testing for all types of buildings in San Diego California from studio apartments to homes to high rise residential and commercial buildings to medical offices and to hospitals.

Mold Inspection Services
We provide specialized testing for thermal imaging, EMF/RF, Mycotoxins, ERMI, VOC, allergens, bacteria, and other indoor air quality environmental issues.
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A standard mold inspection is $395 for two indoor air sample and one outdoor reference sample. This fee includes a visual inspection, moisture assessment using a moisture meter and IR thermal imaging, lab fees for the sample analysis, next day results, and a full report.

For larger houses or commercial properties, the number of samples will vary. Additional samples after the first two are charged at the rate of $75 each.

Turnaround time for sample analysis by a certified lab is 48 working hours.

Next-Day Analysis is available (M-Th) for an additional $25/Sample. Same day analysis (M-F) is available for an additional $50/Sample.

Mold Inspection and Testing

We provide specialized testing for thermal imaging, EMF/RF, Mycotoxins, ERMI, VOC, allergens, bacteria, and other indoor air quality environmental issues. As part of our mold sampling process, we specialize in the utilization of an EPA-developed research testing tool, the Environmental Relative Mold Index (ERMI), when it is prescribed by an environmental medical physician/professional.


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I had a client in escrow and we suspected there might be a mold problem. I called a few places and then.

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Josh recently performed a mold inspection for a property that we were buying. He did an amazing job and gave a clean,.


Courteous and competitive, they give you clear results without pushing for follow on work.  Unlike many inspectors, they are not involved in.